May 9th, 2012 / Social Media Marketing

Is Twitter Chat Good For Business?

It’s almost comical how Twitter Chat has become so popular now. It seems like everyone on Twitter has gone crazy on Twitter Chat, except that Twitter Chat is exactly like Twitter has always been. With one exception: Multiple tweeters in one conversation.

You need two things to run a successful Twitter Chat session:

  1. A hashtag
  2. And a TweetChat account

TweetChat is pretty simple to use. It allows multiple users to log in and use the same hashtag to post messages. The service automatically enters the hashtag after the tweet of each chat member because you never know when someone will forget to enter that hashtag. The rest is up to you and the other chat members. Be sure to promote it.

But what can it do for your business?

Twitter Chat allows you to interact with multiple Twitter users through one hashtag that allows anyone following it to keep up with the conversation. Because multiple members are participants of the chat session, all of their followers will see the chat in session. Many of them may join. That also has the potential to expand your fan base and your customer base simultaneously.

Twitter Chat is also good marketing. Because you use a hashtag and your members likely will use keywords that other people on Twitter can follow, you could draw in members that are not on the fan list of anyone in the chat session. That’s great marketing.

Twitter Chat makes you more visible on Twitter. And because you are more visible, so is your business.

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