December 9th, 2011 / Viral Marketing

6 Types Of Online Marketing Videos

Viral marketing can take on many forms, including video. In fact, some of the most successful viral marketing campaigns have been videos on YouTube and other video sharing services. Here are 6 different types of videos you can produce to market your local Ayrshire business.

  1. Business Introduction – In this video you simply take 30-50 seconds to introduce your business and what you do. Tell your potential customers why they should care and how you can benefit them.
  2. Product Demonstration – This one’s pretty simple. Demonstrate how your product works so that consumers can get a good idea about its strengths and how they can use it.
  3. Vlog Post - If you have a blog, post a video to your blog. That can be your blog post for the day or you can set aside one day a week where you post a video blog post instead of a text blog post.
  4. Customer Testimonials – Do you have satisfied customers? Compile a few testimonials on video and put it on your website.
  5. Video Interview – Conduct an interview. Invite a third party, a journalist, or someone else to ask you questions about your product or service and videotape the interview.
  6. Company Headlines - Has your company made headlines? More than one? Produce a short video featuring your company in the news.

These are just a few ideas for using videos for marketing your company online. Can you think of a few of your own?

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