July 19th, 2012 / Viral Marketing

Global Corps Go Video Crazy

If you could have your own YouTube video channel with 2 million adoring fans, would you take it? Well, the Fortune 100 companies – more than 3/4 of them – do have their own YouTube channels and those channels have 2 million subscribers each. It seems the global corporations have figured out how to market online.

The world is changing. A few years ago it was all about search engine optimization and text-based social media. Now, there’s a growing interest in mobile and video.

In fact, video marketing and mobile make for a great combination. A growing number of consumers use their iPhones and Android devices to watch videos, so if you have a video marketing strategy and you are actively pursuing it, there’s a market to reach. You’d better get their before your gorilla-sized competition does.

They key to maintaining a marketing presence through YouTube and other video marketing channels is to keep your content entertaining. This is what the global corporations are doing. Rather than hit consumers with traditional advertising messages in every video, they entertain people for a minute or so, then add their sponsorship logo at the end of the video. This is proving to be very effective.

Video marketing opportunities are only going to get better, as are the mobile marketing opps. Will you be there to take advantage of them?

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