June 26th, 2012 / Viral Marketing

Smartphones And Video Marketing

A recent article at Marketing Pilgrim illustrates the growing popularity of and increase in value of video marketing. One reason that video marketing is becoming more popular is because more and more people are using smartphones and tablets.

Both of these markets – smartphones and tablets – are growing by the day. And since users can upload videos and watch videos from both devices, that means more people are using websites like YouTube more and more.

I don’t see this letting up any time soon.

Your iPhone App And Video Marketing

One way to make good use of video marketing is to develop an iPhone app that allows people a way to watch and share niche-specific videos related to your market. In some markets, the audience is there for such an app and all you have to do is be first to market to capture a good share of the iPhone app audience right away.

The iPhone is the leading smartphone. Your iPhone app is a doorway to your brand and with the right marketing and branding to go with it, it could prove to be an incredible and powerful marketing tool.

In the race for more market share, don’t overlook video marketing. And by no means, don’t overlook the iPhone app opportunity either.

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