November 6th, 2011 / Viral Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is Getting Better

Ever since video marketing first started taking off about three years ago, there have been several efforts to turn it into a powerhouse marketing strategy. The search engines themselves and the social networks like Twitter and Facebook have done everything they can do to improve it, but it appears that Google+, the newest social media community, is the one to make YouTube marketing even better.

And it didn’t take much.

In fact, if you are a Google+ user, you may have noticed in the last couple of days that there is a YouTube icon in the top left part of your computer screen. If you click that icon you’ll see a search field extend left into your screen a couple of inches.

Now, enter a search term and you’ll see a popup box about the size of a YouTube video. A video related to your search term should start playing immediately. Below it you’ll see a playlist of videos that will run in succession. Once you find a video you want to share, click the green Share button. Google+ will load in the popup with the video and all you have to do is choose your circles and write a message. Click the green Share button again and be on your way.

This is seamless video marketing. Upload your video to YouTube. Share it on Google+. Much easier than Facebook or Twitter.

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