February 3rd, 2012 / Viral Marketing

Why Short Videos Are Better

A lot has been said of online video marketing. In fact, a lot is continuing to be said. And one of the things that gets repeated often is that it is good for running an online business.

I agree with that. It is good. But it can also be bad.

One of the things that can work against you when it comes to online video marketing is making your videos too long. “Say, what?” you ask. Videos can be too long?


How many times have you said “I’ll come back and watch that video later – when I have the time?”

People are in a hurry. There is a limit to how long someone will hang on and watch a video – for entertainment, for education, or for review purposes. The purpose doesn’t really matter. The length does.

So how long is too long? That’s difficult to say, exactly. But I’d hasten to say that shorter is almost always better. A thirty second video is more likely to get watched than a two hour video. A one minute video is more likely to get watched than a five minute video. Unless that five minute video really compelling.

Why is that? Time. People are busy. They want to save time whenever possible. And if your video is a marketing message, no matter how creative and entertaining, then shorter is definitely better. If you expect people to take action based on your video, you’ve got to hit and get out. Move on. Present the call to action and end the video.

If you make your videos shorter you’ll likely get more views and more traffic to your website. It doesn’t produce any more SEO benefit than a longer video, but it doesn’t produce any less either.

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