July 1st, 2012 / Viral Marketing

YouTube’s Novel Idea

Here’s a novel idea. YouTube is planning a marketplace where video producers and on screen talent can hook up. The marketplace could serve as a place where small business brands can find screen talent to promote their brands on YouTube.

So why would you want to do that? Several reasons.

  • It’s less expensive than celebrity endorsement
  • It can be very effective in reaching your target audience through YouTube
  • There are thousands of YouTube celebrities who earn six figure incomes from their video channels and they can be a gateway to your target market
  • Just do it for the fun

Seriously, this will likely become the next big marketing opportunity for a lot of small business brands. Listen to what YouTube Group Product Manager Baljeet Singh has to say.

¬†”The creativity coming out of YouTube rivals that coming out of creative agencies any day of the week,” he added. “And we already know that their content performs really well on YouTube.”

So if you found a YouTube celebrity who had an audience of hundreds of thousands subscribers on his or her YouTube channel and those subscribers were the same audience that you were targeting, wouldn’t it make sense to hire that celebrity to endorse your brand through YouTube? Maybe on your own channel, perhaps on his channel, or maybe on both?

And then you can distribute that video widely across the Internet using social media. Just think of the impact it could have.

YouTube’s marketplace could very well be the solution that small business owners need to make online video marketing as commonplace as TV advertising.

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