March 24th, 2012 / Web Analytics

Site Speed Now A Part Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has built a reputation for itself for being the best free analytics tool on the Web. Many SEOs and webmasters rely on it daily and many of them wouldn’t even consider paying for analytics anywhere else. A recent announcement by Google means the service is even better than before.

The announcement is that Google has added a site speed metric to the product. That’s good because you may already know that site speed is an important ranking factor now.

Instead of guessing about whether your website loads fast, you can check it out through your Google Analytics account. The Site Speed Overview Report provides the following information:

  • Average load time by browser
  • Average load time by country/territory
  • Average load time by page

Additionally, there are three tabs that provide information to you in as many ways including Explorer, Performance, and Map Overlay.

If that isn’t enough, you can now view site speed metrics on your Intelligence Reports, which notifies you when your website has a swing in statistical variations.

All of this should mean that your job as webmaster just got easier. And it also means that you can now get a leg up on your competition where site speed is concerned. If site speed has been a major concern of your, then you can fix any issues you have with page load times and use your Google Analytics account to see if your changes are working.

Items that can affect page load times include excessive images, image sizes, video content, too much code, Flash presentations, or server issues. Fix these issues and you can improve your website’s speed quickly.

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