May 6th, 2011 / Web Analytics

Why Page Load Time Is Critical

Google Analytics recently announced that they’ve started tracking page load time. This is great news for website owners and there are a few good reasons why you want to start measuring page load time (if you haven’t already).

  1. Conversion Rate – The first reason you want to measure page load time is because it can affect your conversion rate. A slower loading website or landing page means more bounced traffic. As a result, you’ll make fewer conversions.
  2. Lower PPC Quality Score – A slow loading landing page will also affect your PPC quality score. That could mean lower ad placements. Your competitors will fill the gap and push you down while taking traffic that was meant for you.
  3. Lower Search Engine Rankings – Google’s organic search results are based in part on page load time. All other things being equal, if one of two competing websites has a slower loading landing page, then that page will likely rank lower. Increase your page load times and you’ll see an increase in search engine rankings.

Is is important to measure your page load times. If you have slow loading web pages on your website that are dragging the rest of your site down, then you should fix those ASAP. You can now measure your page load times individually, across your entire website, within sections of your website, geographically, according to traffic sources, and by browser type. Don’t pass up this opportunity to make your website better than ever before and increase your search engine ranking opportunities.

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