May 3rd, 2012 / Web Analytics

Yahoo!s New SMB Marketing Dashboard

Remember when Yahoo! killed its Site Explorer, a service that allowed anyone to view a website’s inbound links and analyze them? The product was useful to webmasters so that we could gauge the effectiveness of our link building campaigns. The downside was that competitors could spy on us and learn from our mistakes, or take advantage of our weaknesses. Of course, that was a two way street.

We all thought that was the end of Yahoo! But Yahoo! recently introduced a Small Business Marketing Dashboard that might be useful.

If the Small Business Marketing Dashboard does prove to be useful and people actually use it, then that could put Yahoo! back in the competitive game. Of course, not the search engine game, but the small business marketing game. The company has always tried to create products that are helpful to small businesses. Sometimes it has succeeded and other times not. But they’ve always gone after that market.

Services included in the free version of the Dashboard include:

  • Yahoo! Local listings
  • An online reputation tracker
  • Local Visibility metrics
  • Google Analytics retrieval
  • E-mail marketing campaign tracking

All of these are useful services to small businesses. I like that Yahoo! is including a Google analytics component to the service. If you do use the Dashboard, then you can draw in your analytics and get all of your important metrics in one location.

On top of the free services, there are also premium services you can upgrade to for a fee. Currently, the e-mail marketing campaign tracking appears to interact only with Constant Contact. I consider that a weakness. Otherwise, it looks like a useful service.

What do you think? Would you use the Dashboard? Let us know why, or why not.

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