July 9th, 2011 / Web Analytics

Why You Need Social Media Analytics

If you do any kind of online marketing at all, then you need to measure your results. The best way to do that is by using analytics software. Google Analytics is the most popular free analytics tool online. Many Web marketers have opted instead to pay for a third-party solution rather than allow Google to keep tabs of what they are doing. Either way, analytics software is a useful tool.

It’s just as useful in social media as it is in search.

Recently, Twitter has acquired its own analytics service. That’s good news for Twitter users.

The reason you want to use analytics with your Twitter is because Twitter has become such a useful marketing tool. And you can be a lot more effective in using it if you know how successful your tweets are. That is particularly true if you can measure click throughs on your links, retweets, and which short URL services you use are most effective.

While Twitter is important, other social media services like LinkedIn and Facebook are equally important. And I envision there someday being a social media analytics tool as effective as Google Analytics that will allow you to measure results across all of your social media. Maybe Backtweets, owned by Backtype, or a similar service, will be that tool. But one thing is for sure. Social media analytics is as necessary as search analytics and it’s just a matter of time before someone introduces the breakthrough service we all need.

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