February 26th, 2012 / Web Design & Development

5 Web Design Principles For 2012

Ever wonder what website visitors really want? Well, we know. Here are 5 web design principles you should keep in mind right now as you build your next website.

  1. Make it graphic - Text content is important, but so are graphics. People like pictures. Don’t overdo it, but don’t leave off important graphics either.
  2. Include social sharing icons – People today love to share stuff online. They’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and now Pinterest. Make it easy for your site visitors to share your information and photos.
  3. Don’t talk down – One sure way to drive visitors away from your website and ensure they never come back is to talk down to them. Write content that is informational and empowering. Show your visitors respect and they will love you.
  4. Make navigation easy – Give your website visitors great links to other content on your website. Make your website easy to navigate and people will visit your website often. They’ll also stay longer when they do visit.
  5. Employ solid SEO elements – Do everything you can to ensure that your website gets crawled and indexed by the search engines. You want your pages to rank and to rank well, so learn about SEO and employ sound SEO principles.

In 2012, visitors want something different than they wanted in 1995. Make your visitors happy and they’ll turn into happy customers. Design your website with the most important principles for audiences today and watch your visitor counts and conversions climb.

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