April 17th, 2012 / Web Design & Development

Market Segmenting Your Content Online

Marketers have been segmenting markets for centuries. In the 20th century that process became much more sophisticated as the tools and technology to define parameters allowed for better analyzing of the data. Today, not only do we have better tools for analyzing, but we have better methods of distributing content.

How can we take the content that we create online and market it better for individual market segments within our own niche?

One simple way to do this is with a separate website for each market segmentation, but it all begins with benefits. You have to define the benefits of your product or service. If you target several markets for your products and services, then you should define the benefits for each market segment that you target.

When it comes time to start positioning your brand online, do you see any parallels between your benefits and the various segments of your market? If so, those are the areas you need to capitalise on.

In other words, if one market is male and one is female but each market segment seeks different benefits, then you should segment your efforts to reach each market. That requires a separate website to serve each market.

Beyond the website, you can also promote your online content through various social networks that are appropriate for each market you serve. Chances are, each market segment has its own preferences for online social hangouts. You should join them in those hangouts and tailor your messages to your audience.

Market segmentation occurs online like it did off line in the print and TV era. The only difference is in the rollout.

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