May 15th, 2012 / Web Design & Development

Tablets Are Good For Web Traffic

There’s a war brewing that few people know about. It’s the war between smartphones and tablets. Tablets may be winning.

While smartphones are good for a few things, bear in mind that most web sites today still are not optimized for mobile traffic. It’s a sad truth. Nevertheless, iPhone apps are good and can deliver great traffic if handled the right way.

On the other hand, tablets don’t require special browsers. Most tablets come with browsers that are more adaptable to regular Web use. Therefore, fewer people have difficulty accessing the web sites they want to access on their tablets. And I think that could be a major factor in who gets the traffic in the future.

According to WebProNews, traffic from tablets grew 10 times faster than traffic from smartphones this past year. How that will play out in the long run is anyone’s guess, but it looks pretty good in the short term.

Two other interesting tidbits we’ve gleaned from the WebProNews article are:

  • 80% of the traffic is coming from iPad devices (go Apple!)
  • and, the share of web traffic coming from tablets is expected to be 10% of total web traffic by next year, which will shoot it up over the traffic expected for smartphones

So here’s the big question for web site developers and brand marketers, Should you start focusing on obtaining tablet traffic? My position is absolutely! Not that you should give up on your iPhone app development, but be cognizant of this new development in web traffic – the tablet.

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