June 8th, 2012 / Web Design & Development

Website Design Principles To Have And To Hold

If you want your website to succeed, there are certain website design principles you should adhere to. They are not necessarily hard-and-fast rules, but if you stick to these principles, then you have a chance of designing a fabulous website that closes sales.

  • Seamless navigation – You want your site visitors to be able to find what they are looking for quickly. If your website is difficult to navigate, they’ll leave and won’t come back.
  • Eye-catching elements above the fold – You want people to see something interesting the moment they land on your website. You have just three seconds to capture their attention and five seconds to keep it.
  • Accessible – In Scotland, it’s against the law to build a website that is non-accessible. Keep your disabled visitors in mind.
  • W3C compliant – There’s nothing that says that your website has to be W3C compliant, but if it is compliant, then you’ve met the highest standard of coding excellence there is.
  • Browser agnostic – You want visitors using any browser to be able to access your website.
  • Secure shopping cart – Truly, if visitors get so much as a hint that your shopping cart is not secure and that their private information is in danger, then you are dead in the water. Make every effort possible to ensure that your e-commerce system is secure and protect your customers.

This is just the beginning of website development. Make your website the best it can be. Your customers will thank you.

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